Rustling in the Walls

I was just sitting and watching my favorite T.V. show when I hear the most horrid and terrifying scraping sound coming from my walls and ceiling. I was petrified at first, it might as well been a werewolf. However, they do not exist so it must be some sort of pest that has invaded my home. I figured some sort of rodent must have crawled its way into my house. I called several exterminators and their quotes where ludicrous. If the price was fair they were going to send someone out in a few weeks. That is just ridiculous. The companies also were mainly focused on killing the critter, which I did not want unless it was absolutely necessary. This is when I found Squirrel Removal Atlanta – a humane wildlife removal company specializing in removing all types or pests.


Squirrel Removal Atlantas’ customer service was extremely friendly, helpful and they gave me a fair quote also. The next day the van pulled around and the pest control agent came out to great me. He showed me where the pest have been entering my home and they installed a door that would let the creature out but not back in. They also set up a no kill trap that would keep it contained until I could call them about it. He went on to talk to me about what it could be,(A raccoon we later found out) how I could prevent another animal entering my home and he forwarded me a number I could call if the raccoon caused damage to my home.

The rustling continued that night as I was on the computer. It was not as scary this time knowing this intruder would be dealt with accordingly. I hear the movement go to the hole in my home as I am falling asleep. Early that morning, just as the sun is coming up, I wander out and see that the trap he set has been tripped and their is a particularity husky raccoon sitting in the trap. I call them again so they can get this pesky guy out of here.


The pest control agent came out right away that afternoon to remove him from my yard. He stated that the raccoon will be sent outside of the city away from people. For this, I could not be happier. All in all, it really went out of their way to make sure my needs were dealt with. They also treated the animal and myself humanly through the whole ordeal. I would suggest that anyone with a rodent problem that wants to deal with it the right, moral way, give them a call.